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08 January 2019

Following on from last week’s blog about getting organisational values right and the unique process Gradvert employed to achieve this, this week we will be taking a closer look at the personable approach of commitment that each member of the team took out. The phenomenon of employee pledges has increased in demand in recent years; reinforcing business culture and motivating employees. Ultimately, increasing productivity and helping staff to work as ‘one -team’. However, Gradvert encourages their team to come up with their own pledges and not just sign into one pledge that is produced for all; encouraging personal development that can be monitored frequently.

 This approach is recommended by Alan Shaw, one of Gradvert’s leadership and management coaches:
 “This creation of ownership is documented and creates something tangible for employees to put their name to. It demonstrates an understanding of the brands values and a commitment to developing one’s self in a way that aligns with them yet, is still exclusive to the individual”.

But does this written commitment really work, and how is it measured? It seems important to reflect upon actions such as this to investigate any correlations between the commitment and the development of individuals.

One of Gradvert’s recent recruits, Jordan, is a Digital Marketing Intern at Gradvert and was asked to undergo the tradition upon joining the company. Jordan discusses how this came about and how it made him feel:

“After studying two business degrees and working for various companies in the past, organisational values were definitely not a new topic to me! However, I have never interacted with business values so much and it’s really motivating. Within my first week at Gradvert, we had a business update where the values were personified by the team and everybody understood and believed in them. Then came the pledge part. The written commitment. As an intern, I want to gain as much experience as possible to develop my skillset. I pledged to reflect on my experiences to aid learning and development because I believe that this is the best way to understand your strengths moving forward. Fortunately for me, Gradvert has a love of learning”.

Managing director, Michaela pledged to create an atmosphere of curiosity within the year ahead:

“I think that linking our personal pledges to our core values is a great way of developing ourselves individually and as one team, as a collective”.
Gradvert has an exciting year ahead and is currently expanding, with new roles.

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