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Career Builder

Generation 2020 are the education leavers this summer who are MOST at risk of being negatively affected for years to come by the economic fall out of the Coronavirus.

The Opportunity Group has partnered with social mobility charities to create a relevant year long career builder programme funded through your apprenticeship levy.

UK Productivity x Skill Gap x Youth Unemployment ÷ Cost pressure = ?


"It is clear from discussions with stakeholders that COVID-19 in their view did not create health inequalities, but rather the pandemic exposed and exacerbated longstanding inequalities affecting BAME groups in the UK".

Public Health England

The digital skills gap is increasing as organisations prepare for a more virtual and data driven World of Work.

The war for digital talent is increasing and companies will need to develop their own talent if they’re going to meet their
development needs.


The economic fall out of Covid 19 will disproportionally affect those who were in low paid and gig economy jobs – over 50% of
those who were made redundant were paid less than £10 per hour.


Gen2020 - there are 230,000 school leavers who are now reconsidering their futures, predominantly those whose families were stretching themselves financially to go to university or are deferring their place for a year.



The Opportunity Group are partnering with a number of organisations who want to support young people who are leaving school into a very different work landscape than they predicted and prepared for.