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Ours Minds Work


That's why we chose to work closely to create a new and innovative programme for Leaders.


This Workplace Mental Health Leadership Diploma Specialist Apprenticeship is delivered by Our Mind’s Work and us!

54% of all workplace absence is caused by STRESS

This amazing organisation pro-actively help UK employers reduce and prevent work related employee stress leading to improved productivity and business performance.



The human cost is huge, with poor mental health having an impact on the lives of many individuals and those around them.


This manifests itself in a variety of ways both at work and at home and impacts a person’s ability to manage other elements of their personal life.


Leaders are simply not prepared when it comes to supporting their workforce to perform in a volatile and changing world.  A single workshop just isn't going to cut the mustard.  That's why we believe this programme is the answer if we're ever going to shift the balance and help businesses to help their teams.



The Health and Safety Executive reported in 2018 that work-related stress, anxiety and depression was the number one reason for sickness absence with over 0.6 million employees, new and longstanding being effected.